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Está Dañada Lyrics In English

She is damaged by love
She feels no pain
Her happiness is over
Her hope is gone
She doesn’t believe in love anymore, her faith is gone
She no longer believes in love, it rains every day in her world

Her smile, her little face, her little hands
Oh, how delightful, oh, how pretty your little face is
She likes to dance with her friends
That brings out her beautiful smile
Her beautiful smile, oh, what a delight

Pura manzanita

She would move to reggaeton
Every night sing the song
That we dance, we kiss well drunk

And when you’re crying
Locked in your room
I hope you’ll sing my song


Está Dañada Lyrics FAQ

Who sang the song?

Ivan Cornejo sings the song.

When was the song released?

The song was released on Aug 20, 2021

What kind of song is Está Dañada?

Está Dañada song is a Sad Songs

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